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Kids a Cookin'

Sandra Procter
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Karen Arnold

karen-arnold-pictureIf previous job experience amounts for much, Karen Arnold, the host for Kids a Cookin’, has a bunch! She’s been cooking with kids for several years, not only for her own family, but for child care centers as well. Good nutrition and ease of preparation are important for growing kids – which are just a couple of the goals of the Kids a Cookin’ program.

Karen lives in Missouri with her husband and 4 children.. Karen’s “Mom-ness” is reflected every time the lights come up and the camera’s click on for the Kids a Cookin' program. Her patient manner and energetic personality makes many a pint-sized cook feel at ease in front of the camera.

“Parents and kids need activities they can do together,” Karen says.

“An activity like cooking is even better when its done together – it gives kids a sense of pride and accomplishment. These are basic cooking skills that they’ll use forever, and hopefully help them to make better food choices.”

Karen Arnold’s resume is jam packed with kid–style experience. That’s why she’s the host of Kids a Cookin’!